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Brand B4 Marketing Call

45 Day Instructional Course

One-on-One Consulting

What is Brand B4 Marketing?

Brand B4 Marketing is an instructional program offered by Ashley Taylor and Donovan Boyd designed to educate budding and current entrepreneurs on the importance of building a brand before implementing marketing strategies. Brand B4 Marketing hosts a free call on “How to Build Your Brand,” offers a 45 day Instructional Course, and an opportunity to take advantage of One-on-One Consulting. Let’s maximize the growth of your business and Brand B4 you start Marketing TODAY!

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Brand B4 Marketing Call

April 4, 2017

Want to learn everything in a day?! The One-Day Workshop is the perfect session for you! The workshop consists of two segments, four classroom sessions total; The Start-Up (The Foundation & Is Your Company Legit?) and Building An Empire (Developing A Brand & Generating Buzz). In addition to four classroom sessions, you will have the opportunity to schedule to speak one-on-one with BYOB experts regarding starting a business and/or further building your brand in a current business or get assistance on filing a business the same day.

Must be registered in advance to attend. Seating is limited. Deadline to register July 3, 2016.

One-Day Workshop Rates

For Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • The Start Up

  • $97
  • • The Foundation  

    • Is Your Company Legit?

  • Register
For Current Entrepreneurs
  • Building An Empire

  • $97
  • • Developing A Brand  

    • Generating Buzz

  • Register
For Aspiring & Current Entrepreneurs
  • Start-Up & Building An Empire

  • $167
  • • The Foundation  &  Is Your Company Legit?

    • Developing A Brand & Generating Buzz

  • Register

45 Day Instructional Course

The ultimate guide to building your brand in just 45 days! And the best part is you can learn everything you need to know from the convenience of your very own home! This fast paced online course will educate and equip you with the proper tools needed to build your very own brand. We’ll unpack your brands identity, explore  its image, discover the right paraphernalia, and of course we’ll talk about marketing that wonderful brand you built. So don’t just dream about having the perfect brand, achieve it with the 45 day course!   

The Foundation

What's your industry? What services and/or products will your company offer? What's in a name? How important is it? Let us educate you on establishing the foundation of a successful business.

Is Your Company Legit?

Let's define your business structure. Registering your business. Will it be a LLC, Partnership, Corporation, etc? What's an EIN? Why do I need it? Let us educate you on the legal logistics that govern the foundation of a successful business.

Developing A Brand

Is your company's appearance and message authentic? Does your logo, colors, promotional materials, etc best represent the services you offer and/or the products you sell? Let us examine your current brand condition and assist you in developing your brand in order to have a successful business.

Generating A Buzz

Identifying marketing strategies and establishing campaigns that generate buzz for your company. How are you building partnerships and connecting with your customers? Let us examine your current marketing strategies and assist you in creating a successful marketing campaign.

Courses available 2016

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One-on-One Consulting

Alright, Alright you prefer to have one of our Brand b4 Marketing Instructors all to yourself? You got it! Schedule your one hour One-On-One Consulting session today. One time only, maybe a couple times, or the third times a charm. Whichever is best for you, just let us know!

Consulting Rates

Single Consultation
Two Consultations
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